Bus and Tram Service and Central Docks Update Monday 28th June 2021 12:00:00

Trams: Due to a temporary shortage of bus drivers, the community will be experiencing intermittent North and South Tram service on the Tram Routes. The North Bus and South Bus should not be affected by this. Please refer to the bus/tram route maps to see how this may affect your journey. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to staff the trams as much as possible. Thank you.

Central Dock: Due to a shortage in the availability of pressure-treated mooring posts from our suppliers, we are have not been able to fully install all of the mooring posts along the guest dock at Central Dock. Please do not tie your boats to the metal dock stanchions there if there is no post available. We are also temporarily experiencing delays in replacing broken mooring posts on leased spaces. We are working with our suppliers/installers to improve availability, but currently do not have delivery dates. If your space is experiencing a mooring post problem please be sure to adequately tie your boat to the available posts (not the dock stanchions) and hang bumpers off of the sides that may be affected.