Upcoming and Ongoing Improvements to Chautauqua's Grounds Friday 23rd April 2021 12:00:00

Residents and guests are advised of the following listing of street work and other improvements to the Chautauqua Institution grounds scheduled for the next two months, as our crews and contractors work to make infrastructure improvements in advance of the 2021 Summer Assembly. Additional projects, dates and details will be added and updated as work progresses.

Much of the street work also includes coordination with National Fuel, the Chautauqua Utility Company and National Grid. These utility companies are required to provide advance notice to any affected property owners; please contact them directly if you have questions.

As always, all details are subject to change, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve our public environs for everyone's benefit.


Including gas line replacement:

Surface replacement only:

(Once this spring work is finished, all streets south of approximately Bowman will have been upgraded over the course of the past five years.)


Some targeted driving and parking lanes in the South Lot will be resurfaced, beginning the week of April 25. This work will involve the removal of a lone honey locust tree in the middle of the lot.

The South Lot is scheduled for improvements and striping beginning today. Work should take about three days, depending on the weather. To accommodate this work, all remaining vehicles, boats, trailers and other items must be removed immediately. Items that have not been moved may need to be removed at the owner’s expense, or risk damage as a result of this work. Chautauqua Institution will not be held liable for any unintended damage that may occur to property remaining on this site after the dates provided.

The Promenade pedestrian walkway along the South Lake Drive lakefront will be closed for resurfacing beginning Tuesday, June 8. The closure is expected to last at most a day and a half, into Wednesday.

The Main Gate’s auto entrance and exit will be closed on Monday, June 7, and reopen Wednesday, June 9, as crews make necessary repairs to the road surface. The pedestrian gate will remain open. To ensure vehicle access to the grounds in the Main Gate area, Chautauqua Police will open the Main Gate’s bus entrance, adjacent to the Farmers Market, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., the Market Gate will serve as the temporary primary entrance to the grounds, with the usual gate personnel monitoring traffic.

Patrons seeking to park and access the Main Gate Welcome Center for ticketing and other purposes should use the entrance as a temporary exit also; signage will alert motorists to temporary two-way traffic.


Road work on the grounds is progressing favorably based on the schedule shared previously, and has allowed for an additional project to replace the surface around the north and eastern ends of the Colonnade. This work will begin tomorrow, Monday, May 17. Residents of Bliss Avenue will have a temporary disruption of vehicle access to their properties on one day over the course of this work; that date will be determined by the contractor tomorrow and communicated here.


  • Restoration work is underway at the Hall of Philosophy, consisting of repairs to the mosaic floor plaques, repairs to the interior North Wall, repairs to the Cookman-side pilaster, inner wall stairs and outer wall stairs on both sides along with some targeted areas on the interior walls.
  • This work will not disrupt or have any impact or on scheduled events such as weddings hosted by the Athenaeum.
  • Due to the careful, complex and time-consuming work required to restore the historic CLSC class mosaics, some minor touch-ups and fine-tuning may need to take place following the conclusion of the Summer Assembly.